Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I've been a little MIA lately, and for that I apologize.
Currently, I am in the middle of baking, laundry, photo uploading, and lesson planning, but I came across this gem that was too good to not share. 

It should be noted that these little hands cannot write their first name.
 Imagine the shock I felt when I rolled out a piece of easel paper for my students to color on at the end of the day, and my little man started writing "LOVE" everywhere.
  I asked Little Man how he learned to write that word, and he told me, 
"My brudder teached me. I have so much love I had to know." 

And then I melted into a puddle on the floor.

But seriously, how beautiful is that? Add this to one of the many things I love about four year olds. 

1 comment:

Brittany TYD said...

That melts my heart! How sweet!!!

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